1. What is canyoning?

Canyoning is a combination of walking, swimming, floating, cascading down natural chutes and water slides and sometimes using special rope systems when including lowering or abseiling. Nearly 80% of the time is spent in the water. For the best explanation of canyoning watch our tour video for Basic and Extreme version.

  1. Is canyoning safe?

Like any other adventure sport, canyoning involves risk. To control it, we have professional experienced guides and high quality safety equipment. All safety procedures in the canyon are the result of thousands of tours we have already done. All clients are obliged to strictly follow instructions of our guides.

  1. How long have you been in canyoning business?

We are the first company to start with canyoning tours in Croatia back in 2000. We shaped canyoning and extreme canyoning on Cetina river as it is today by defining standards and procedures for this activity.

  1. Do I need experience? What is minimum age?

Experience in canyoning is not necessary. Guides will teach you all of the necessary techniques for a safe tour. Minimum age for basic canyoning is 8 years and for extreme version 15 years. Both versions require swimming skills. Adventure Dalmatia holds the right to refuse any minor if considers s/he will not be able to do the activity.

  1. Are jumps obligatory?

Jumps are not obligatory and can be bypassed.

  1. Which equipment is provided?

Basic equipment consists of a long neoprene pants specially designed for canyoning with knee pads and shin guards, long neoprene jacket, personal floating device (PFD or life jacket) and a helmet + body harness in extreme version. Depending on the season 3, 5 and 6.5mm wetsuit is used. Canyoning shoes are for rent, 5.30€ each pair. Other, regular trainers, are free of charge. Both shoes are limited in number. Guests are welcome to reserve them together with a tour or bring their own.

  1. What do I need to bring with me? Can I take my sun/glasses?

Swimming suit, towel, clothes to change after the tour, trainers (or rent ours). We recommend that you bring disposable contact lenses if you normally wear glasses. Bring any personal medications such as asthma spray, epi-pen or antiallergic preparation. Please notify our guide about your medical condition. Please do not bring your valuables or leave them in your car. While anything left with us will be quite safe, Adventure Dalmatia can not take responsibility for your valuable items.

Sun glasses are not necessary in the canyon but if you want to take them, make sure they are tied.

Sight glasses or contact lenses can be brought. Make sure you tie glasses. All jumps in the canyon can be bypassed.

  1. Can I bring my camera?

Yes, you can. We will provide helmet with GoPro front mount (limited in number). If you are taking camera or video camera, Adventure Dalmatia holds no responsability for these. Make sure you keep it well zipped in a plastic or waterproof bag. Disposable waterproof cameras are also a fun option. Adventure Dalmatia will not take responsibility for any lost items or valuables.

  1. Are meals included? Is alcohol allowed?

Meals are not included. On the finish point you will find a bar, a restaurant and a small market. Restaurant prices are 12-15€ per person/meal.

Alcohol before or during tour is strictly forbidden! Activity must be taken seriously and demands concentration and ability to react!

  1. What are river conditions?

Average temperature is 15-16°C and water runs 1-2 m3/s.

  1. Level of difficulty

We offer basic and extreme canyoning versionS. Extreme version includes rope lowering near 2 waterfalls (55 and 23m) and using alpine equipment. Basic version DOES NOT include rope lowering. Experience is not necessary for any.

  1. Does the price include insurance?

Persuant to the Law on Providing services in Tourism, Article 56, paragraph 3, Adventure Dalmatia is responsible to provide insurance  for clients.

  1. How and when should I make a reservation?

You can request a reservation online or over the phone. Start at our Reservations page and fill in the form. Our staff will reply as soon as possible. Certain days during the season sell out quickly, so we encourage contacting our office to check for availability. While reservations are required in advance to participate on the tour, last-minute reservations are welcome a day or two before the tour.

  1. How do we get to the river?

We offer organized transfer in both directions. This transfer leaves every day at a certain hour. During high season both morning and afternoon departures are organized. If you have your own transfer, parking place is secured at the start point. Transfer between finish position and your car is included in price.

  1. Who else will be on a tour? Can I book as an individual?

Other individuals or groups who made a reservation for the same day as you did. On average we send 8-9 people on one guide. You can book as in individual and we will join you to one of the groups.

  1. Can I reserve a private tour?

Yes, you can. You can go to our Reservations form and among other details emphasize you want a private tour. The price of this tour depends on the period of the year, transfer and number of people.

  1. What is the price of the tour and how do I pay?

Pricing can be found on our web page under trip details. Special prices are given for group trips, multiple trips with our agency and youth groups.

Payment is after the tour in local money (Croatian Kuna HRK) or EUR (€). There are no ATMs once yout get to the start point so make sure you have enough cash with you.

  1. Will the tour be cancelled if it rains?

In case of small rainfall, canyoning tour is usually not cancelled unless extremely bad weather conditions or heavy rainfall.

  1. What happens in case of a sudden thunderstorm?

In case of a sudden thunderstorm and before beginning of the tour, Adventure Dalmatia holds right to cancel or reschedule the tour.

We hold the right to cancel the tour 1 or 2 days before the tour depending on weather conditions.

If the tour has been paid and then cancelled because of weather conditions, refund is 100% of the price.

  1. What happens if river water level arises more than regular?

In case of dam works on the river or hydroplant works it is possible that water level increases and canyoning tours will not be operating. If the tour is paid and cancelled for these reasons, refund is 100% of the price.

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