Town of Omiš


The town of Omis is settled in centre of southern Croatian region of Dalmatia. It is right at the place where the river Cetina enters Adriatic Sea, just over twenty kilometres from country’s second biggest city of Split.

Omis is also the centre of mini-riviera that spreads at some 30 kilometres and includes villages and settlements like Jesenice, Dug Rat, Duce, Stanici, Celina, Lokva Rogoznica, Mimice, Medici, Marusici and Pisak.

There are eight churches from 10th to 18th century that form cultural and historical impressions of Omis, together with the Romanesque fortress Mirabella settled above the town.

Mirabella Fortress from 13th century used to be a hideout for Omis pirates that used to attack ships in the Adriatic and then would hide back in canyon of Cetina river. The story on Omis pirates works today, too, attracting attention of tourists visiting the place. Pirates’ battles are performed every year to entertain the visitors and tell the story on the history of Omis. Great images from the performed battles also help the media promotion of Omis.

Excursion spot of Radmanove Mlinice, some five kilometres from Omis also represents one of top tourist attractions of this area. Gastronomic offer and boats connecting the place with Omis via Cetina river, create an additional value for both, Omis and Radmanove Mlinice.

The nature surrounding Omis makes the circumstances ideal for active holidays or adventure tourism. This is a right destination for you in case you like rafting, canyoning, free-climbing or any similar activity.

There are over 15,000 people living in Omis. They earn for living from tourism, textile industry, fishing or agriculture. The town of also known for a traditional festival of a capella Dalmatian singing.

Split adventure offers daily activities from Omiš town. You can enjoy rafting, canyoningextreme canyoningsea kayaking & snorkelingpaintball and canoe safari every day with departure from Omiš center. Departures for the rest of our offer are upon agreement.

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