River Cetina


The river of Cetina in southern Croatia offers a great location for rafting and canyoning. From its source in Dinara mountains at the height of 385 metres to the end of 105 kilometres long river in town of Omis, Cetina offers a variety of benefits for local population. It helps the agriculture, it used to give power to mills as well as it is used for several hydropower plants. But in recent years it gives an important support to development of adventure tourism. Among the attractions one can mention the two hundred metres deep canyon and fifty metres high waterfall.

Actually, Rafting and Canyoning have become recognized brands of the river. Besides, you can have fun on River TubingExtreme Canyoning or Canoe Safari tour.

The nature around it has been also often mentioned as one of the most beautiful in the country. The importance of the nature protection is therefore very high in this area and local green associations constantly take care of it. There is no doubt that towns and villages along the river actually live from Cetina and knowing that they have no choice but to protect its beauty.

Canyon of Cetina river is also known as an important historical and archaeological site. Archaeologists have found axes from Stone Age, remains of Roman legionaries’ weapons, medieval tools etc in areas around the river and in Cetina’s bed. The findings were items of historical significance.

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