Zadvarje village


Zadvarje is a small village located at the edge of the deepest part of Cetina river gorge, on a 45min driving distance from the city of Split. It’s a picturesque little place that we use as a base for all our river and inland activities.

Upon arrival to our meeting place in the village, you will already find yourself in the center of Zadvarje and from there you can do a short sightseeing tour of the place.

From one sightseeing point you will see the biggest waterfall in Dalmatia called The Great Gubavica that we visit on our canyoning tours. Besides, you can stay for a lunch at a tavern with home-made food such as ‘meat under the baking lid’ or ‘pasticada’ with gnocchi.

If you happen to visit on Tuesday, you will witness cattle market where growers from Zadvarje and nearby places sell their cattle, hand made artefacts and food. Kind locals will invite you to try their goods without obligations.

If you are not just passing by or on your way to southern parts of Dalmatia region, then you are visiting Zadvarje village to do one of adventure activities. You came to the right spot because this village is the best adventure playground in Dalmatia with a huge variety of outdoor activities in such a small place. Whether you are opting for rafting, hiking, jeep safari, canyoning, canoeing, biking – this village has it all.

Rafting and canoe safari tours take place 20 minutes north from the village on a part of the canyon that is wide and shallow with rapids class II and III while the amazing basic and extreme canyoning tours start from a place 5 minutes from our base in the village. Right there below Small Gubavica waterfall – where the canyoning tour finishes – river tubing tour starts.

For those who are seeking for a little bit less exciting activities, this location is ideal for hiking, biking and rock climbing thanks to its vicinity of mount Biokovo.

Nature Park Biokovo reises at the edge of the village from the south side and features an infinite number of trails winding their way through these incredible landscapes, with breathtaking views of Adriatic Sea and islands. There you can find dramatic walls and towering hights combined with hiking trips for every interest and ability levels.

Numerous roads and trails conect the river canyon, mountain and sea, which makes a perfect biking area. Combined with fascinating history and home-made dish, this is trully unforgettable expirience of this part of Dalmatian inland.

Close to the center of the village, only 10 minutes walking distance there is small rock climbing area with 20 sport climbing routs. For real rock climbing enthusiasts there are two huge rock climbing areas – one 15 min drive distance in nearby Brela and another 30 minutes drive in Omiš town.

On a 30 minute driving distance east from Zadvarje you will find small town of Imotski with famous Blue and Red lake. Visiting this place is usually combined with paddling in canoes through Vrljika river that flows along Imotski field.

On the southest border of Zadvarje lay the beaches of Brela with an underground water source at Vrulja bay that can be reached only from the sea side. Impressive mountain peaks above and huge undergound river spring make this place ideal for our sea kayaking, snorkeling and SUP tours during hot summer months.

Plenty of reasons to visit this small place, right? Come and join us on our adventures in Zadvarje village!

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