Town of Brela and Cove Vrulja


Hospitality and kindness of Brela inhabitants comes out of the hundred years long tradition of tourism over here. Taking place from the shore of the Adriatic Sea up to the Natural Park at the mountain of Biokovo, Brela for the entire century already attract tourists from all around the world. From their hearts they offer the natural beauty of their area. Therefore some of images of Brela represent the most beautiful pictures of Croatian tourism.

Brela with its 1,700 people mostly live from tourism, while the other businesses as fishing or agriculture ideally come along and combined create an adorable image of the place. Over six kilometres of pebble beaches in Brela were in 2004 named by Forbes magazine as ones of most beautiful in the world.

The pine woods behind it have been protected as cultural heritage. Dalmatian architecture in remote villages under the mountain of Biokovo represents additional advantage of the authentic offer of Brela tourism. Natural phenomenon of that area together with the rich flora and fauna create memories that tourists bring back home on their departure.

The combination of the Biokovo mountain and the Adriatic Sea makes Brela a unique spot where tourists like to return for years. Brela is a pearl of the Makarska Riviera and the place is only 45 kilometres southern from country’s second largest city of Split. And exactly on the way to Split there is the Vrulja bay, known during winters because of strong northern wind, but that way it keeps all its secrets preserved for summer visitors who can enjoy diving in area rich with fish or do kayaking and stand up paddling tour in the area where underground river flows into the sea.

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