Terms of business

Terms of business

Reservations and payments

ADVENTURE DALMATIA Travel Agency, hereinafter
referred to as the Agency, will guarantee the implementation of the travel program. It is the client’s
responsibility to provide the information necessary for the booking process.
All reservations should be made in writing, by e-mail, by fax or in person at the Agency. When booking
by e-mail, the Client is obliged to pay the deposit in the agreed amount.

All credit card payments are SECURED and PROTECTED to the highest possible
security levels provided by SSL Certificate.

By paying the first installment and / or paying a portion of the price of the arrangement containing basic
information about the Client and program information paid by the Client, the Client will fully accept and
confirm that he has understood all the items of these Terms of Business, therefore, everything stated
here becomes legally binding for the Client and the Agency.

Prices and content

The price for one-day and half-day excursions (one-day adventures) usually includes (unless otherwise
stated in the program) transportation, activities included in the program (kayaking, biking, hiking, etc.)
with all the equipment and guide provided. The price does not include (unless otherwise stated in the
program) extra trips, personal expenses and drinks with all meals.

Cancellation of travel

Cancellation must be made in writing – by email or fax.
If the Client cancels or terminates the activity, he must do so in writing – by e-mail or fax. The date of the
written cancellation is the basis for calculating the cancellation costs to be charged by the Agency under
the following conditions (percentage of total activity cost):
• 8 days or more before arrival: 0%
• 2-7 days before arrival: 50%
• 1 day before arrival or non-arrival: 100%
Failure to attend the activity without prior cancellation means that the Agency will retain 100% of the
payment regardless of the reason or reason for the cancellation.

Cancellation by agency

Adventure activities are subject to change depending on the group’s capabilities and desires, weather
conditions, water levels, nature forces, special events and the like. For security reasons and for the
convenience of the Clients, the Agency reserves the right to change the programs without notice.
In case of significant changes or cancellation of a specific activity booked by the Client, the Agency will
inform the Client as soon as possible and offer the following options:
a) The client may accept a second departure date
b) The client may accept alternative activity of identical or similar content
c) The client can cancel the reservation completely, with a full refund.
The Client is obliged to inform the Agency of its decision within 7 days from the beginning of the offer. If
the Client fails to do so, the Agency will reserve a replacement activity.
In the event of extreme weather, extraordinary circumstances that could not have been foreseen or
avoided or occurred just before the start of the excursion, the Agency will delay the activity, if possible,
for a day or two before or after the reserved date. If no change is possible, your payment will be
refunded in full.


For all one-day adventures and active vacations organized by the Agency, ADVENTURE DALMATIA is
insured with GENERALI INSURANCE – an insurance company. According to Croatian Law of providing services in Tourism.

Insurance against injury and illness, insurance against damage or loss of luggage

Travel rates do not include injury and illness insurance, damage or loss of luggage insurance, nor do they
include travel health insurance. By making the payment of the excursion or arrangement, which is
described in these Terms of Business as well as in the travel program, it is considered that the Client is
advised to purchase additional health insurance which he can buy at any insurance company of his

Liability Insurance

According to the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism, the Agency has contracted liability insurance
for damage caused to the Client by non-fulfillment, partial fulfillment or irregular fulfillment of
obligations related to the package arrangement.

Protection of personal data

The client provides personal information voluntarily. Personal information is required to perform the
requested service. The same data will be used in internal communication. The Agency agrees that the
Client’s personal data will not leave the country or be disclosed to a third party except for the purposes
of the requested service. The exception to passing on customer information to a third party is for
cancellation or accident or sickness insurance, lost luggage insurance or health insurance for the
duration of the trip locally or abroad. If the Client requests insurance, personal information will be
forwarded to the insurance company. Personal information will be stored in a database in accordance
with management’s provisions on the methods used to collect, process and store personal information
of the Client.

Complaints and Refunds

If the service program is not fully implemented or its performance is of poor quality and below standard,
and in case the Client is not satisfied with the accommodation, equipment or service provided, he must
immediately contact an Agency employee (guide / tour manager / representative) to find a satisfactory
solution or replacement. All refund requests must be submitted to the Agency in writing, within 7 days
of the end of the program. The client is entitled to a refund in the amount of the real value of the
services that have not been provided, while the maximum possible return on a complaint may be the full
cost of the program. The client will waive the right to an ideal fee. All possible disputes come under the
jurisdiction of the Court of Split.

The client is obliged to:

• Respect and conform to all customs and regulations of the country of destination
• inform the Agency of any form of disability or impairment that may limit participation in the program
• attach a document confirming payment for the service (voucher, bank confirmation of payment,
agency account received by mail, e-mail or in person) to the service provider
If the client does not follow the above rules, he will be held responsible for all costs or damages. By
confirming the reservation, the Client agrees to pay compensation to the service provider in the event of
any damage.


In the event that the Client is not satisfied with the manner in which his / her complaint was handled,
the Client shall be entitled to court arbitration. The Client and the Agency will strive for an amicable
settlement of the lawsuit, and in the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the matter falls under
the jurisdiction of the Split Court in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

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